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  1. I appreciate the compliment! The Thierry brand will continue to be all done by hand. Bearded Guy will use the machine for totes, saddle bags, belts, etc.. Wallets, clutches, and items that are similar will be sewn by hand. I honestly enjoy seeing by hand. Just for some items, I can't justify the time to sell it at a price folks would be willing to pay.
  2. Hello all! Name is Aron and live in southern Indiana. Been working with leather since 2019 as a small side hustle (engineer by day). Focus mostly on wallets and women's clutches and bags. Recently picked up a Consew 206RB (first version) and working through use of this for totes and what note. Also just picked up a Juki LS341N last night and this will likely be the one used the most. Will be reviewing the sewing machine area of this forum for tips/secrets of this particular machine. However, if you know of something and want to share here in a response, that would be fine by me I have two different brands on Instagram. The first is Bearded_guy_leather_works which is from when I started working in leather. The second is Thierry_leather which is going to focuse on higher end leather goods. I wanted a simpler name in place of the Bearded Guy name. Thanks for reading! Aron
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