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  1. Thanks @TomE. I am a big dreamer and have no doubt ill get there is I work hard and persist. As previously mentioned i am a beginner so have not done any leatherwork hence my questioning and eagerness to learn. Every marathon starts with a step. i have been made aware that this particular forum is not suited to my topic of discussion so I will leave it there. Thanks for all the help and advice.
  2. Thanks for all the links. like I was saying to @TomE Jo from JH Leathers messaged me with some pointers. Might be my ignorance but i need a awl with a fine needle size blade. Not sure if im looking for something that doesn’t exist. Thanks!! Ill take a look
  3. Im already on the case hunting down a pony, being from the UK they are not easy to come by. Many I have seen look unnecessarily complicated and not very durable. Glad you touched on awls because that is next on my list to understand as the little browsing i have done so far on the subject like chisels have confused me. There are so many awls ive seen one called a badminton awl, stitch, scratch ect. Just looking at them all their blades seem too broad for what im looking for. I need a small hole (almost needle like) for a fine stitch as i plan on making luxury shoes and eventually small leather goods. I reached out to Jo from JH Leather who was kind enough to give me some pointers but She used much heavy leather than I intend on using. An awl with a needle like blade is what i need. I will continue reaserching. Thank you
  4. Thanks. You raise a good point about differing awls as I need to have fine holes generally. The more I research the more I sway towards the traditional method with the awl might take longer to learn but seems you have more control and flexibility.
  5. Cheers for the info. I don’t mind investing time if the outcome is favourable. Watching YouTube all I have seen of the items of interest they use the Diamond Chisels but something I am not quite sure about with the angled holes with shoes. I too am from the UK and there is not many places about. I will look for the thread on stitching chisels again. I did look before posting but failed to find anything….. Pron because im new to this forum stuff.
  6. Thanks much appreciated. I will search on YT for stitching with a awl.
  7. Hi All, Wondering if I could get some advice. I am a novice when it comes to leather craft but trying to learn and get into the craft with the intention of making highend handmade small leather goods. on doing do I am trying to get my tools together so I can start my journey. However, on research picking irons I am totally confused which ones to get as a beginner. There are so many brands and types of iron. For instance would it be advised to get the more traditional type requiring a awl or the diamond cut that punches right through. Thank you in advance for your help.
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