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  1. I would love to have a clicker die for sure, but the force needed to punch all those little holes would be astronomical. I can punch about 7 or 8 by hand, then have I to rest my hands for a couple of days. It's tough getting old! Pete
  2. I make keychains, there are 38 total holes, I'm using Osborne hand rotary punch 155. My hands are starting to feel the effect. Is there a machine pneumatic or electrical, I will even take some thing manual. The holes are a #2 from Osborne. Any advice would be highly appreciated.
  3. Thanks kgg, I was hoping to find something like this...........
  4. I have been searching the internet for a electric or pneumatic leather hole puncher with a laser guide, I have not been very successful. My old hands are getting tired using my osborne rotary hand punch. I'm looking for a machine that's capable of punching a number 2 diameter on the osborne hand punch. The leather is between 7/10oz. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Pete
  5. Looking for a leather hole punching machine, could be electric or pneumatic. Does anybody have any suggestions? I have been searching the internet with no luck. I would like it to have a laser pointer to know exactly where the hole will go. Hole size 3-4mm or just a #2 on osborne rotary puncher. any help would be appreciated......... my old hands are having a rough go of it.....
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