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  1. @Gezzer I actually got a rubbery padding material from a professional sling maker. I asked him what he used and he gave me one to try, for free. (Will upload some photos here shortly). It works, but I am very keen to "invent" my own solution. Next sling will have router mat on the back. Thanks again for that tip!
  2. @Wyowally I am impressed. Nice looking sling and a smart solution with the leather strips for grip. Care to share a close up photo of the strips?
  3. Yes! I've seen thumb holes and they are very clever and add a nice little detail to the sling if they are neatly done with stitching around the hole and so. Working on a custom sling right now that somebody ordered and will make a thumb hole as a surprise feature i think!
  4. Yes I have also done that in the past, it works ok and seem to last over time. This time I was trying to evolve and challenge myself to find alternative, and possibly cheaper, solutions. However, suede will likely outlast any manmade material...
  5. Nice tip, thanks! That will also serve as padding for the shoulder.
  6. Very clever, would never have found those. Thanks!
  7. Hi, I am new to the forum, but have done leather work for a hobby for some years. Among other things, I make leather gun slings for hunters, and I want to find something to add as anti slip on the part of the sling that is in contact with the shoulder. A hunting rifle is quite heavy and it is annoying when the sling and rifle starts to slip down your shoulder and you need to constantly adjust the sling to get back up on your shoulder. Can anyone recommend liquid latex? Will it stick properly to leather? Will it last over time? Or is there a better solution? I have found self adhesive anti slip-labels or stickers that are made for handbags and other smaller shoulder bags, but I don't reckon they will last very long on a rifle sling... Is there any kind of rubbery band or patch I can sew on to the back of the sling?
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