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  1. Sorry I don't have a 206rb-1, google did me wrong. Purchased the machine at a flee market and it had no tag. Its actually a 226 i think.
  2. Sorry if I am explaining it poorly. Im getting roughly 6mm stitch length with lever set to max, when it should be able to achieve a 10MM stitch length.
  3. My 206rb-1 seems to be only getting around 4SPI at maximum when the manual says around 2.5 should be maximum. I believe it has something to do with the presser feet timing. I have tried to reset it according to a video I seen on youtube where you loosen the flywheel depending on thickness of material, then lower needle to the material and loosen the 10mm and retighten, but it still seems like it is way shorter then it should be getting. Anyone have any info on how to properly time / set these feet for the lowest maximum stitch per inch?
  4. I been printing with PETG, it really isnt that hard. People made it seem like it was goiung to be so much harder then PLA. I basically upped the temp and its pretty damn good. Any idea what size pulley the OP posted is ? Cura is making it huge when I load the STL.
  5. ressurecting an old thread, but do you have the orginial diameter of these? For whatever reason my cura is loading these at 4500MM and I am trying to figure how much to scale down.
  6. I have a sailrite monster flywheel onone of my older machines, I wonder if that will fit my 111w
  7. Small things (wallets and things of that sort)
  8. I am new into the leather working, but some of the basic stuff I will be making 3d printed template (fusion360) would these templates be something people on here would be interested in>
  9. I recently swapped from my TacSew clutch to a servo motor. I am wondering if there is a way to slow the motor down, I don't mean the RPM - I am using a servo and it drops to 100 RPM, but I mean when I hit the pedal it feels like the motor is either on or off, no real feathering like I could on the clutch motor. I was hoping there would be a way to adjust it so if I lightly hit the pedal the machine would slowly crawl? the TacSew clutch motor was tuned pretty good and I was able to feather the peddle and get a little needle movement at a time / a single stitch (unless I goofed and hit it to hard) which is kinda what I am hoping to get
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