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  1. i have an workhorse Consew 255 that i cannot figure out how to adjust the presser foot pressure...i found some diagrams that show a screw, down in a hole, at the top of the machine but it doesn't do anything except turn, it has no effect on the foot pressure.... i can't sew vinyl, the presser foot indents it because of the heavy pressure
  2. i'm sorry, i spoke too quick...i sew marine vinyl to heavy carpet...see this thread -
  3. @MtlBiker i discussed the material i sew in the 1st post in this thread..i may have made a mistake but will know after i use it the lightweight, throw away machines, i described in the 1st post are made to sew lighter weight fabrics but i get a year + or - out of them...my thoughts were that the Juki might be easier for me to keep clean and in repair and i can use a servo motor with it i'll have to remember to rev the engine often to keep it oiled
  4. thanks guys for your time and help...i ended up returning the Consew...the last straw was, the presser foot would not lift high enough for the materials i work with i ordered a JUKI DDL-8700 which states it lifts 13mm and offers a 5mm stitch...i passed on another walking foot machine...i already have the old, reliable Consew 255...i was talking to a neighbor a few days ago about sewing machines, she dug out a clean singer CG-500C and gave it to me
  5. i recently bought a Consew CP206Rl and cannot find any resources for it online...i need a parts manual and owners manual
  6. thanks for the help...i bought some of the needles you suggested and will give them a test drive as soon as i have some time
  7. i googled and am not that needle savvy...can you please provide a link to a needle like you are referring to...please & thank you and kkg using the same thread and needle size, i described above, i've never had a fraying problem with the cheap, lightweight Brother and Singer machines, nor with my Consew 255
  8. For almost 20 years I have been sewing upholstery vinyl to what you may call 18-20oz home carpeting…I have uses 2 machines, the cheap, throwaway Brother LX series and Singer heavy Duty-Classic machine and have never had bad results…the problem with those machines is they don’t hold up long tern to the heavy duty material and when they start getting wonky, I just replace them Fast forward to a few weeks ago, I decided to buy a heavier machine with a walking foot, the Consew CP206RL…about my only considerations were that it was a walking foot, and price…I only sew straight stitches, no zigzag, etc The needles that came with the machine, 135/17 are the same needles used in my heavy old Consew 255 that has never faltered…with the Brother and Singer Machine I’ve always used Schmetz Nm100 needles and never anything but B69-T70 Bonded Nylon thread I’ve never had any issues with thread fraying but on the new Consew CP206RL I can't sew more than a few inches of the rough carpet unless the thread frays and finally breaks…it does fine with other heavy materials that don’t have the rough bottom I guess what I’m asking is, is there a better needle for heavier, stiff, rough backed carpet or any ideas about why this machine and none of the others is fraying the thread i appreciate all the help
  9. thanks kgg...i watched the Sailrite video, followed his instructions and the thread stopped breaking...now if i can get the tension dialed in....
  10. i can easily slide the tread through all points until i reach the take up..thread doesn't appear to get hung or caught on anything...ansd is in the middle of the tension plates
  11. i just bought a new Consew CP206RL and am having a problem i can't figure out...i'm using a 135x17 needle with T70 bonded thread...i'm pretty certain i'm threading the machine correctly, according to a video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_x3OJ0_rLnw tension seems fine until threading through the thread take up, then, it is very hard to pull even with zero tension on the tension dial...a have not been able to sew more than a few stitches without the thread breaking i can pull the thread though the machine by hand until i pass the thread through the thread take up then trying to pull it through by hand the thread breaks i'd appreciate any help, thoughts or suggestions
  12. i don't use a serger or binding machine, mine are all hand cut & sewn...which makes my work unique...everyone that resell or make carpet sets use a binding machine which makes them all alike... believe it or not, i do 99% of the carpet binding with a singer heavy and or a cheap brother LX3817 or similar in the cheap machine line...i get about 6 months to a year out of one, throw it away and buy a new one for approx $75
  13. i have the consew cp206rl and 255 and don't need another machine...i take your response as the foot height on the cp206rl cannot be changed www.estycarpet.com
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