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  1. @suzelle @kgg While I agree with both of you, this is the great state of New York we're talking about here. People happily $9 for a half gallon of milk. There is one industrial machine supplier that I have been able to find, in Manhattan. He is charging $1350 + tax for a Juki 563. Can anyone comment on the actual machines?
  2. Hey everyone, I am new here and to sewing in general. I hope this is the right place to put such posts. I have learned an incredible amount from this forum over the past week. I am trying to buy a machine this week and I am pretty limited to what's available in my area and in my budget. I plan on mostly sewing cordura, webbing, and lightweight leather. I do want the capability to do heavier leather though (considering the investment). I am in Brooklyn, NY. I have narrowed it down to two machines (obviously listed in title): Pfaff 145 H4 6/01 (comes with Servo, Table, thread stand etc.) $750 Singer 211u166KA (No motor, no table, no accessories) $700 They are both priced higher than I'd like, especially the Singer with out the motor or table. They both have Reverse. Pfaff H4 obviously has the higher step. Pfaff is German and Singer is Japanese (although is this particular 211 manufactured in Japan still?) What are some other specs I should look out for? If cost was not a factor, which would you choose? Can anyone with experience chime in on their overall thoughts on these different models. Any help is greatly appreciated as I'm having trouble finding any more info on these specific sub-models. Thanks Also, what do you all think about the prices? Andrew
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