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  1. Hmm I’ll try adjusting the take up lever I was thinking there might be something with that I did mess with it a little but I’ll try some more thanks!
  2. Howdy all, I know it’s been quite a while since I started this thread but I’m back for some more advice. I’ve been using #22 needles with tex135 thread bonded nylon with little to no problems for some time now. I’ve sewn belts, radio straps, rifle slings etc. the other day I switched to a tex135 bonded polyester and I was getting a ton of loops on the bottom of the material. Checked bobbin tension and adjusted top tension and no change. I’ve tried adjusting the top tension all the way in both directions and no change. Adjusted bobbin tension to the point that I just took the leaf spring off the shuttle to see if that would work and nothing. Switched back to the nylon thread and I’m having the same problem. What do they say about the definition of insanity? Anyway, any input or thoughts would be greatly appreciated
  3. Well I’m gonna give some size 22s a shot and see if I can run a stitch with v138 otherwise I’ll just accept it for what it is, thanks again for the advice I appreciate all the knowledge I can get!
  4. Howdy all, just wanted to pop in and update. I did get the machine to run well for a moment. I believe the needles and the thread I was using were the culprit. Big thanks to @kgg I got those needles and thread you recommended and they work great. Bad news is I broke the set screw off in the needle bar clamp so I couldn’t change needles right away. Then I tried to tap the screw out with a drill and I messed that all up, finally ordered a replacement needle bar clamp and when that came the thing was not running smoothly. Turns out I had bent the needle bar in all my drilling/attempting to remove the needle bar(was hammering the wrong side of the pin lol). Got a new needle bar. Got the machine running again and everything seems fine. Thanks to everyone who commented for their input, a lot of useful information for the future for sure. I am curious about another thing with these patchers: what’s the largest size thread/needles it will take? I’m only curious because the thread I got looks rather small on some of the pieces I’ve sewn. If I could run a thicker thread I think it would improve the aesthetics of the pieces I plan on making in the future. Anyway, thanks again all, have a great night/day. Chase
  5. You’re probably very correct these needles are the cheapest possible and definitely need to replace them! I’ll give the ones you recommended a shot! I did do some more tweaking and cleaning and I seem to have it running again, however it is dripping a stitch here and there at random I’ll do some more adjusting and see where that leads, thanks again for all the insight it really helps I’m way out of my element here haha
  6. I checked everything out and it all seems good, the thread in using is tortoise bonded nylon size 210D/3 and the needles I’m using are 135x17 the ones that came with the machine. If the needles or thread were the problem would it manifest randomly like this, where it worked fine then suddenly stoped? Thanks for your reply, appreciate any insight
  7. I’ll try switching needles maybe the 135x17 ones aren’t big enough. What is odd though is that it worked great for an entire belt then suddenly stopped working properly. I do have the needle all the in and clocked properly and I don’t see any sort of burs or debris around the shuttle case or anything but I’ll give everything another once over, thank you!
  8. Tried to upload a video but it’s telling me the file is too large
  9. Howdy all, I’m new to leatherwork and very new to sewing machines. I recently bought a cobra/singer patcher clone from Amazon (INTBUYING Industrial Leather... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08HRLS3B7?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share ) I got the thing all dialed in last week and sewed a belt with it. Seemed to work well and everything but when I got to the end it kept breaking thread. Thought maybe I over-tightened the top tension so I loosened it but it still keeps breaking. Now it seems that it’s missing the bobbin thread altogether. However when I don’t have material on the machine and I have the cover open I can watch the shuttle catch the thread but as soon as I slap some leather down it won’t. Can’t think of why it won’t work for the life of me and I can’t find any answers anywhere. Any help greatly appreciated, thanks in advance. Chase
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