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  1. Hullo all. Not a leatherworker but it seems a few of you own these machines and I have questions, as I can't seem to find much out there and the manuals are only so helpful First off, I take it that the -6U is one of the earlier machines. The U appears to indicate a triangular eccentric, though I have no idea what that implies in terms of how it sews. The needles I got with it are DP x 5 or 134 or what have you. The Schmetz needle list indicates either 438KK, or 130B for "6-21-915-01". The manuals I have say 438KK for "-6/21" in one, and "138-6/21 U" in the other. The bobbin cover plate on my machine says only "PFAFF - SYSTEM 130". It seems unlikely that it would use normal 130 domestic needles, however the needle bar does have a flat back and I popped one in there and it sewed fine. But then so do the DP x 5 needles it seems. Colour me confused. Is there any actual measuring I can do to work it out? Second, the machine has been sitting for a year, who knows what oil has been used on it, and the wicks look a bit tired. Are they easily replaced? Also, the two separate manuals I found, one recommends an oil with a viscosity of 41.4 mm²/s at 20°C and the other 15 mm²/s at 50°C. I suspect these are pretty much the same, but obviously the Pfaff part numbers for the two oils are no longer of any use. Anyone got any recommendations? Lastly, the foot on the machine sits off center of the feed dogs by 1, maybe 1.5mm. It appears to be the correct one judging by the pictures in the manuals, but it does put the edge of the slot perilously close to the needle at maximum ZZ width. The needle seems to be centred in the slot on the plate though. Anyone else experienced this? There's probably more to ask, it's my first industrial machine and it's all very new and exciting. Oh, this machine doesn't have a knee lift fitted at current, can anyone recommend a compatible assembly? Much appreciated
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