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  1. Again thanks for the help! Im not the best at figuring out the forum communication ways yet.
  2. I replied to you via craigslist posting that I had in the Asheville area but you never responded to that email? If you’re interested please contact me via a pm and I’ll give you the contact number.
  3. Here’s some actual pictures of the machine I’m selling.
  4. Thanks for the help. I’ll work on pictures asap.
  5. Selling this to fund a laser engraving machine. Ive used it maybe 5 times and it works great but just don’t have as much use as I thought. im located in western North Carolina and really prefer pick up here if possible when sold. I’m looking to get $2,000.00 I can text pictures of this machine since I’m having trouble loading pictures due to size limitations complete with table and speed reducer and etc specs are… Specifications: Sewing Capacity: 3/8" Presser foot clearance: 5/8" Post-bed height: 7" Maximum stitch length: 7mm Maximum sewing speed: 2000 RPM Semi-automatic lubrication Needles: 135x17 #18 to #24 Thread Sizes: #23 to #138 Techsew SmartServo-NP Motor: 110V, 750W, 0 to 1800RPM, bright digital LED display, automatic needle up/needle down
  6. I’ve poked around a little bit with a keyword search on this subject and really haven’t had much luck. My question is… is there a setup that someone has done to pull remnants out and reduce some of the buildup on roller and inside bell? Im using the consew dcs-s4
  7. I inherited this machine from a friend who actually in my opinion got taken by someone else who charged him 800.00! for it and he needed a totally different machine anyway. I got it for free due to his frustration and lack of experience in any type of sewing. I’m kind of machine poor! Juki 1508 Techsew 4800 Techsew 860 Consew DCS-S4 I will tinker with it on occasion but no serious work of any sort.
  8. Looks like I’ll be doing this also. I appreciate the info. I’m always trying to reinvent the wheel and you saved me the trouble!
  9. Thanks for the reply. I will look into the available gauge sets and go from there.
  10. New member and hopefully this question is in the proper place. Just recently was given this machine and wondered if it’s worth pursuing parts and such in my ventures in automotive and lighter weight leather projects like bags and etc in the 3oz max areas. Im machine crazy and probably don’t need it but oh well!
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