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  1. I am really not expecting to make any net profit. I just hope to sell enough wallets to support my hobby. For example, a week ago I spent $600 on leather, so I hope to sell enough wallets to cover those $600.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I am often learning from my mistakes and try to improve as I go.
  3. I am a new member of this forum and relatively new to leather craft. I live in Seattle (USA) and work as a scientist (analytical chemist). I started playing with leather slightly over a year ago. Over time I realized I enjoy doing it, so for the last few months my leather working got more serious and I made some decent looking wallets. I use only simple leather working tools and currently do not have any machines. I gave few wallets as gifts to family members and friends, and now some people are interested in buying my wallets, so I am in process of registering a legal company for tax purpose (unfortunately, death and tax is something we can't avoid). I already posted another tread showing my work. Here I am posting few pictures of a wallet that I made last night, so I would highly appreciate your inputs. This wallet is made from cowhide (exterior) and lambskin/cowhide (interior). All the leather pieces are double sided. I am still in process of self-learning leather craft and your comments would be highly appreciated. Cheers from Needle City (Seattle), Dan
  4. I finished this hairy calfskin wallet. Outside and a couple of card pockets are from calfskin and the rest of the wallet interior is from soft cowhide. It can fit up to 8 cards and some paper money (money pockets are just behind card slots).
  5. Thank you very much. I use LightRoom software to downsize my images, but the lowest I can go is 300KB per image.
  6. Here are some more images of the interior of my wallets. I generally double-side each leather piece such that interior is lined with goat/sheep/piglet skin. When I started doing leather work I learned from others using online resources. After mastering basic skills, I started experimenting in order to come-up with designs that will be different from most other wallets. I also figured out not to use rulers for measurements and I do not overlap leather pieces in order to match holes and size. I use fork-punch with 4mm spacing and I measure my wallets in terms of holes (e.g. 20 x 14 holes). I first make holes on the main outer leather piece and I cut that piece in the exact final size. For all other pieces (card slots and money pockets ket divider) I cat them larger than the main piece, and then after I stitch the wallet I make the final edge cutting, smoothing and burnishing. I do not make any paper templates and I do not sketch anything.
  7. Thank you all for your kind words. I am still in process of learning. These wallets are all made from genuine leather (calfskin, cowhide, goat/sheep/piglet skin). Then largest wallet made from calfskin is a mini-purse and has 12 card slots and two large pockets. The others are pocket wallets and they have 4 card slots and two cash pockets (except the one with "revolvers" snap fastener that has only two card slots and one money pocket). Image size is limited, so I am limited to how many pictures I can post. I am new to this forum, so I need to figure out if I could get more image memory.
  8. Hi, I am a new member from Seattle. I recently got into leather craft hobby. Here are few leather wallets that I recently made. Dan from Seattle
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