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  1. Thanks for the advice everyone. I will check out all those sources. @sparctek = I like the legal pad. If your doing that after watching a few videos I need to check out Don Gonzales and Joe Meilings videos.
  2. If there are other posts similar to this, if you could point me to it, that would be appreciated. ----- That being said, Im looking to improve my tooling. I know practice makes perfect but sometimes you need a guide. Ive watched a lot of YouTube videos and even went down to Tandy yesterday to see what they have. But I didnt really see what I was hoping to see. Or maybe Im expecting to much. Or it was just out of stock. Who knows. So I figured I come here and ask the sages of this community. If you wanted to learn and improve your tooling, what books, youtube channels, etc. would you recommend? Im not really looking for a step by step but something that will help me to take it to the next step. In particular, I would like to focus on traditional floral, animal and western carving. I know thats a lot but I love the classics. In advance, I appreciate your help.
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