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  1. Alright I got the upper shaft bearing ring out. The lower shaft has 2 more bearing rings and 2 cams that need to be removed for the belt to clear. Anything to help with that?
  2. Where do I find the directions for replacing the timing belt on the 1425?
  3. Thanks... I thought that was where I posted. I get lost in rabbit holes.
  4. I think I know a good amount about model Pfaff 145 but that does not have a timing belt. I have a service manual for a 1445 but that doesn't include replacing a timing belt. Has anybody done that repair? Thanks, Sean
  5. The post is just shy of 12 inches. I believe we have all the parts. The biggest problems: don't know what needle is correct Looks like gear shifted on lower shaft and doesn't mesh to turn hook Stitch length ?? What manual would be the best and where do I get it? Thanks!
  6. https://photos.app.goo.gl/iZhbP35fcnMajgZB7 Recently acquired post bed Identification plate is confusing... Please help! Thanks
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