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  1. wanted to say thank you for the help here. I knocked around under the machine and discovered that the thing that controls the stitch adjustment was not advancing or retarding properly. Not sure what the issue was but after releasing the set screws and adjusting the flange distance and some lubrication it's behaving properly. Thanks again.
  2. whoa, thank you @Wizcrafts - that's an amazing document...and @Quade - really appreciate this picture and your very detailed words; It's snowing again here in Maine so it's a good day to learn more about this machine...hope you both have a great Sunday.
  3. Good Morning All, I've gone through many of the threads here. Wow. There's some great and helpful people left on the planet. Thanks in advance for reading. I'm looking for help adjusting a singer 211G166. The stitch length adjustment is not working properly. The length gets smaller when I go through the steps to make it longer. It also causes the timing to be off when I attempt to make the stitch length longer. The longest I can get the stitch is just less than 3mm. more like 2.5mm. This machine will do a 5mm stitch. It's newish to us - was our backup machine for the last year - converted it to a servo motor and it was working pretty well. The only issue had been that the forward and reverse stitches were not the same length - the reverse was a bit shorter than the forward but we lived with it. Forward had been around 5mm but yesterday something changed and the stitch length shortened on it's own. Gone through the steps now a few times to time the needle/hook and reset the stitch length but it's not working. The truly odd thing that I mentioned above and that might make sense to someone about the nature of the problem is that the stitch length gets shorter (not longer) when you go through the steps to make it longer. Maybe a kind soul here has experienced this. Appreciate you taking the time to read.
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