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  1. Hey Sir I am a Florida girl in your neighborhood … interested in your 4 ton clicker press. Is it still available? Thanks!!

  2. Hi Everyone. I have 2qty brand new ENGLISH BRIDLE 8-10 oz leather from Wickett & Craig. Leather hasn't been used. It's in the Orange Carrot color. I bought them for $250 and selling for $200 each pls shipping.
  3. Hey guys, I'm offering this 4 ton clicker at $800 usd. plus shipping to whatever location you are at. Please let me know if you are interested. @ToddK @Northmount
  4. @ToddK I sure do. If you want to send me a direct message we can discuss details. Thanks Logan
  5. @Northmount its available still. If you Direct message me we can figure out details. Thanks
  6. @JHLeatherwood Yes it's a great deal! Keep me posted if you change your mind and thank you!
  7. I'm selling a Mighty Wonder 4 Ton Clicker Press. I purchased the machine last year direct from Weaver. Great machine, practicaly New. Paid $1700 for it. Asking $1000. I'm located in Wellington FL. Looking for Florida resident to purchase. I'm open to ship but will have to determine those details when arise. Thank you.
  8. @JHLeatherwood Im in Wellington FL. I just took some images of the units and will share with you now. These machines are practially New. I have a lot of other items also. I'm basically selling everything in my shop. (patterns, hot foil stamping machine, lot of Leather) Where in Florida are you? If you send me a text I can send you all the images (more detailed)
  9. @Northmount I’m grateful for the help. I’ll circle back and make sure I include all this.
  10. Hi Everyone. I purchased both a Cobra Class 26 and Skiving NP-10 machine direct from Leather Machine CO last year. I purchased the Cobra Class 26 for one project last year and haven't used it since. It's basically brand new. I'm looking to sell for $1,500 Also The NP-10 Skiving machine is also practically new. I've used it more but not much because I'm a small shop. It's about $1,500 Just shut down my custom business and looking to sell these ASAP. I live in Florida. Please email me if you are interested and I can send you images. Thank you.
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