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  1. The machine has been sold, thank you. The needles are still available.
  2. Hey there, shipping to any adress in the CONUS will be either 85$ or 110% depending on final shipping weight. I would offer to ship for 85$ and eat any charges that are over this amount. Best Regards Sebastian
  3. Silverbullet, yes it is, I will check and get back to you!
  4. I have found my copy of the instructions for the machine. They will of course be included with a sale.
  5. Also it seems like the pictures aren't working anymore, so here they are again just in case: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2p8d21c93z8xca0/AAAVacjTrKugK6OM4ly2hWyua
  6. Hello Alan, sorry for not getting back to you earlier, I had set this thread on subscribe, and somehow I did not get the mail. I have gotten it through double layers of the 5mm saddle skirting without problems. I am pretty certain it can sticht through the sole and welt.
  7. For sale is a Frobana (Wuppertal, Germany) made Sole stitcher. I bought this machine in 2007, got the inside oiled and working again, but somehow never got around to using it much. It takes up too much space in my shop, and it really breaks my heart that this machine is not being used, so I have decided to part with it. It is working perfectly fine, and I would say the overall technical condition is good, with the look being fair. Still the original paintjob, only the wooden base looks quite a bit worse for the wear. Please judge the machine according to the pictures I have provided. I have also made a video showing the machine stitching some 13 ounce leather. Machine: Machine, as seen in pictures and video, with one new needle mounted Key to change leather thickness (if I find it) photocopy of the manual, and a large spool of linen thread - I had to use a wrong type of thread for the video and pics. I will help you get parts and needles at cost, if I can get them Asking price: 290$ plus actual shipping costs Also for sale: 7 needles for the stitcher. These are all unused, though the three on the left had some stains when I got them from lying around the shop a bit, the four on the right are like new. I would prefer to sell these along with the machine and will only sell the seperately if the machine sells first. Asking price: 20$ per needle, or 120$ for all, plus actual shipping costs, 95 if bought together with the machine. Payment up front by Paypal or bank transfer, or cash on pickup in Cologne, Germany. Pictures of machine and needles (including shots of the interior of the machine, and of the stitching): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/31lolk8vcnbfo44/AAC3OfPe8wJrv2QxgctTDqgua Video of the stitcher in action:
  8. If this is still valid, I recently bought a bunch of needles for the Frobana machine, if you still need some, let me know.
  9. Well, what is there to say? My name is Sebastian. I am from Germany, I am a member of the SCA, and I also play LARPS. I have been making the odd leather bit for 15 years, but have gotten more serious these last thre or four. I make mainly Leather Armour, belts and accessories. Best Regards from Germany Sebastian
  10. I am looking for a hand operated leather stitcher. I believe the only option may be a Tippmann Boss. Anybody got one for sale? Best Regards, Sebastian
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