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  1. Thanks for the tips guys. I made sure my clutch wasn't engaged, made sure everything was nice and tight, and held on to the threads. Still had issues, but only when my machine was ran at speed. When I was hand turning the wheel, it sewed no problem. I took the thing apart again, and put it back together again, and it's now sewing at speed. I don't know what I did differently lol. Tension is messed up now though. Seems odd, but whatever lol.
  2. Hey. I've got a Pfaff machine that I've had cleaned, and tuned up, by a professional. Recently, I had a gigantic rats nest form in the drop in bobbin assembly, and when trying to untangle the problem, took apart more than I needed to. I put it back together, but now it's not sewing. I can get the hook to catch the needle thread, and I can pick up the bobbin thread, but actually sewing results in nothing but a stuck machine, and a rats nest forming in the bobbin case. Any help would be appreciated. I've included pics in case someone can immediately diagnose the problem.
  3. I successfully got the machine zeroed out, and re-timed the machine correctly. I am now sewing, but am running into upper thread issues. About once every 10-20 stitches or so, I will get a loose loop of upper thread. The lower thread looks fine. I know on domestic machines this is often a tension issue, is it the same for these industrial machines?
  4. Well, adjuster issues aside, am I able to re-time this machine successfully without having the stitch length set to 0?
  5. I got to the set screw, took it out, and tried to get the threaded stud pushed in further, with no luck. Also tried taking it out, and only got it out a tiny bit, it only has a little bit of play. Is there something else holding that thing in there, or can I try to yank on the thing? Also, why is that spring inside the set screw under tension anyway?
  6. I have actually read through much of the manual. I know you adjust stitch length by turning the thumb nut, but that's as high as she goes. I've messed around with it a bit, and can't figure out how it would go higher without a different thumb nut. Can I re-time the machine without it being on zero? I assume the shop didn't have to, or maybe I'm missing something.
  7. Hello. I have some experience with domestic sewing machines, but this is the first industrial machine I've used. Picked it up sight unseen from a barn pull. Got it looked at, and cleaned, at a local shop. Owner said I got a great deal on it, all things considered. Slotted in some replacement parts, and it was sewing. I have some issues though. The needle the machine is using right now is bigger, and longer, than the needles I bought. The gauge of the needle isn't such a big deal, but the length has got the timing way off. First things first, do I have the correct needles for this machine? It looked like these were the ones. Second, the stitch length adjuster only goes from about 3 to 6. I fiddled with it, tried to take the faceplate off (but the plate itself is connected to the shaft, or something), and couldn't really tell how to get it to adjust to shorter lengths, if I can. Would this be a problem? Third, I took some time to see how the smaller "correct" (to my knowledge) needles would fit into the machine, and I'm unsure if I can get the needle to go as low as I need it without spinning, and setting, the needle bar in a different orientation from how it was returned to me? Can I do this? I'm kind of in over my head with this one, and any help would be appreciated.
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