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  1. Hello! Quick question: I'm considering curing a canteen I made in my oven, it's made of 5-6oz veg, no oils or finish as I'm thinking either beeswax or envirotex as a finish. Will curing the leather in the oven darken it? It's painted so I'd rather not darken it excessively if I can get away with it. want it fairly solid and durable. Cheers Nathan Carlson Midgard Workshop
  2. Hello all! I'm making a costral/canteen for my wife and I'm looking at sealing it with melted beeswax (5oz veg tan) after wet-forming. Will acrylic paint adhere to waxed veg tan after it's sealed? I use Angelus leather paint. Cheers in advance Nathan Carlson Midgard Workshop
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