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  1. I agree, I wish there was a like button. I can't believe the responses I received on this. I can't say thank you enough to everyone who took the time to reply I am still just practice the basics. Threading the needle, locking the thread in and pricking holes and stitching. It will be a while before I attempt to actually make something because I want to be good at the basics so I do not get frustrated and loose interest in this craft
  2. Awesome, thanks for getting back to me. I never took inconsideration the thread thickness. I will put that info to good use. Much appreciated.
  3. Good day everyone, I am brand new to this forum and even newer to leather crafting. I just bought a cheap beginners tool set, just to see if this is something I am going to enjoy or not. Right now I am just learning how to hand stitch. My first question (and I am sure there will be many more in the future) is this, is there a secret formula to determine the correct needle size to use. I used the stitching punch that came with the kit but when I go to stitch, I literally have to put everything I have into it just to get the dam needle through the hole. I am looking at possible buying a better punch but before I shell out the cash, just looking for insight. Before someone asks, the hole punch that came with the set only has 4mm stamped on it and the needle that came with it is pretty thick in diameter (which I am assuming is part of the issue I am having). I hope this isn't too stupid of a question but like I said, this is 100% new to me and I have no idea where to start, just winging at this time.
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