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    I'm still learning but want to create quality harness for the show ring
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  1. Absolutely thrilled! Waiting for the shops to open so I can get ink for my printer and print it all out. Thank you so much for this. My machine is a little stiff and the shuttle isn't releasing thread like it should but now I've got reference material I can do my best to work it out. I was told I'd "never find a manual for it" (the Pearson) and thanks to the kind people in this thread - it took me less than 24 hours. Really appreciating like minded community at this point, thank you again. STOKED!
  2. Hi guys. I just paid off my lovely old Pearson #6 and now I finally have her at home! It took me 12 months to pay the guy for it but it's worth it! I'm dead keen to get familiar with it. The links in the posts above, to the manual I mean, don't work. Is it still possible to get a hold of the pdf?
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