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  1. "Doghouse" stirrups #2. These were quite a bit simpler to construct than the first pair, so they're cheaper. They're also the most common style for the period, and feature all of the correct details (the pointed top profile, square nuts, heavy duty blued carriage bolts). 4 1/2" deep (front to back measurement) and made for 3" stirrup leathers. Please let me know if you'd prefer them sized for 2 1/2" leathers. Price for this pair is $180.
  2. Price reduction: $500 takes it!
  3. Thank you! Rest assured, however, they're definitely intended to get "scuffed up". Solid ash wood is what they make baseball bats out of!
  4. Hello folks! I've started building hard-to-find, old-style stirrups of various kinds for period saddles, and here's my first offering: "Doghouse" style stirrups, suitable for saddles made from the 1860's to the '90's, made from steam-bent ash wood, 1/2 inch thick. The cross bars are solid oak. The blued steel rivets and other metal fittings are all hand forged. The oval reinforcement plates on this pair are solid brass, with blued steel or German silver available as options. Measurements on this pair are 4 1/2 inch depth (front to back measurement), 5 inch height and 5 inch width (measured inside the foot opening). Finish is three coats of oil. I'll be making several other styles over the coming days so please check back! Also, custom orders are more than welcome, so feel free to share your favorite old photos or catalogue illustrations. Price on this pair is $220 (most other styles will be less expensive, due to varying labor requirements). Thanks very much for looking!
  5. I have an antique Landis finishing or shoemakers' machine, which I no longer need. It's mechanically sound and works great. The horsehair brushes function fine but the wood parts of the wheels are chipped, so they should probably be replaced. The switch and main power cord are new. The overall length of the machine is about five feet. I'm not in a position to transport or deliver it, so it must be picked up at my location in Southern Colorado (Trinidad area). That's the main reason I'm not asking more for it. The price is $600 firm.
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