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  1. I noticed my bobbin/shuttle carrier also pops. It gets pulled up slowly and then when the take up lever pops up it pops down at the same time. do these images look normal? I feel like the shuttle hook should be slightly more forward as the needle cycles up so as to let the thread slide off easier and for the stitch. However as you see in the second image there is not much room for the thread to even pass through
  2. thank you for always helping Wiz Couple days later and I got it to sew a nice stitch. I’ll upload a picture. Surprisingly a pretty stitch for being a boot patcher and all. Sort of annoying how finicky these machines are. Anything is slightly off and they complain. However, The first 3 stitches always have low top tension. After the 3rd stitch the take up lever starts popping but the stitches look perfect after the 3rd stitch. I messed with timing some more but I’m almost scared to fiddle with it more as it’s finally stitching decent.
  3. I also noticed that the take up lever and spring make an audible pop and spring up right when the foot sets down after advancing. I feel like that’s a hint
  4. So I posted here last month about buying a seized 29k60. I’ve rebuilt it but now I can’t get it to sew correctly. It skips stitches and sometimes the thread rips around the needle. I’ve adjusted shuttle timing, foot pressure, top thread tension, shuttle tension, threaded the machine correctly, inserted a new needle in correctly , good distance from needle to shuttle. I just haven’t touched the uptake settings since I can’t even get a decent stitch. I feel like I’ve exhausted all options. can anyone spot anything wrong in these images?
  5. Lol true. I’m having a hard time dialing it in but it sews. Quite crappy . Any good resource on doing this?
  6. Just got it working! I still need to fine tune it (you can hear some weird grinding towards the end) and find a proper 3/16-28 needle plate screw. for others wondering how I got it working. I disassembled. Soaked all of it in diesel for 3 days. Hand wire brushed with copper then stainless steel. Cleaned then oiled. Reassembled. Marvel mystery (mineral oil) seemed to do a decent job at lubricating and removing/covering some of the rust. it was really seized from all the rust, dirt, and old grease. Video of my 29K60
  7. Thanks I’ll have to do some reading. Hopefully in a month I’ll post some rebuild pictures of it sewing.
  8. Seems like it’s mostly a specialized machine. im mostly working with veg tan. Small goods. Wallets, coasters, bags, belts. So maybe this wouldn’t be very beneficial to me. it is only 2 blocks away from my house and is being sold for $75
  9. I have the opportunity to purchase a seized Singer with the base. I’ve never had a sewing machine before so I have no idea if it’s worth trying to fix it. some background. It’s from an old cobbler in a small town who’s going blind. He has a small shop that he is eventually going to part with. For now all he had for sale was this. I left him my number. He has more working machine (one with an oil sump or something like that)
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