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  1. again, really appreciate your help. Thank you
  2. yes. it is a guide for a slide that moves in and out with the motion of the needle.
  3. that's what I was thinking. Especially since I can't find anything exactly like it
  4. Right you are on location! Think I need better glasses as I must have overlooked it a dozen times. 901SO?
  5. That's what I would have thought but no numbers on any of the plates. Appreciate the help
  6. thank you Glenn, I appreciate the help. I did post it on here for $2000 so we will see how it goes
  7. $2000 with table and 3/4 HP motor Have a Ferdinand machine that we just aren't using as most of what we do is on a smaller machine. Have done some wool jobs and holsters with it though, and it worked great. I've asked on here and been told that it might be a 900B but I am unable to find a model or serial number on it. Did take a linkage piece from the foot lever to put on a different machine that needs to be put back on. Located in Helena MT No shipping please
  8. Appreciate it thank you thank you
  9. Have an older Ferdinand machine in our shop in Montana that we bought years ago, and we just aren't using. I'd like to sell it but I'm unable to find a model or serial number on the machine. Does anyone know where it would be located? Thank you in advance for any help.
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