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  1. Hey all, purchased a new post bed machine from High Lead and from the get go I’ve had issues with thread locking up wherein I’ll have to remove the bobbin casings in order to free up the jam. I’ve a single needle post bed where I’ve had none of these issues. Right now the one glaring issue I have is the leather doesn’t feed smoothly. I have to really stretch it out and pull it through to get it to somewhat sew. Any suggestions on what I should look to adjust to correct the issue? I’m not very experienced at all with calibrating these machines but have been watching YouTube videos and the following the manual and am learning, slowly. [Here’s an Imgur link with photos and a short clip of my machine] https://imgur.com/a/wiAW16R
  2. I understand that Strobel is the brand name, like Kleenex is for tissue, but are there any other vendors or manufacturers that you’re aware of? The only thing I found that wasn’t a Chinese knock off was from Techsew but it says it’s for Fur. Not sure if this would work for insoles, but I did message them.
  3. I’ve been learning to make replica Nikes/Jordans using the lasting board and tack method but have become more interested in speeding up the process and notice that most shoes these days are manufactured using the Strobel method. I can’t seem to find a lot of information on them or heck where to even buy them beyond Alliexpress. many thanks!
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