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Horween and Bison big and small pieces (4-5 ounce)

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Hi all.

I'm a big time lurker and small time watch strap maker.  I got a bit overzealous recently when I went to The Tannery Row in Chicago.  I'm also selling some other small pieces I got there and elsewhere.  All of the leather is between 2-2.4mm thick, 4-5 ounces.

First is a "Buggy Whip" Horween hide I really like but think it's wasted on watch straps.  You can see why I chose it - it's amazing.  Has a soft feel and soft temper.  Here's how the buggy whip process is done (as emailed to me by the sales person):  The leather is drum dyed the lighter tan color, then it is dried. Then it is dampened and balled up and scrunched and thrown back into the mill to be quickly dyed again with the darker brown color that gives the lines. It turns for just a few minutes and then is pulled back out and dried again.

I'll upload a couple pics but can send more bigger pics if interested.  

It measures about 7 ft x 3 ft across the middle and top.  I paid $160 for it and used just a couple ends of it.  The salesman said Horween doesn't have plans to make more of this leather right now.   I'm asking $125 shipped. 





Here are a few smaller pieces.  I want to sell these together.  I'm asking $40 shipped if it's just these 3.  

Butter Rum, soft and very flexible, 12" x 50" across the top, 7" x 22" down.  


Waxy Brown (crackled?) 22" x 27".  A bit firmer temper, medium.  Has a bit of crackle when it's bent.  




American Bison, black, 12" x 36", very soft, purchased from Montana Leather.  I paid $25 before shipping.  They are currently out of stock.  



I can be reached more quickly at my email: nwmott@hotmail.com, but messages here work too.  Message notifications get filtered into my junk email sometimes, so there can be a delay.  

Thanks for looking. 





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DM and email sent.

Thank you,


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