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Hi all,


I'm trying to help my Dad value some items of my Stepmum's, who passed away recently and left them to him.

She had a leather and saddlery business and has several very old/antique machines that I'm going to list on my country's selling platform, but I'm hoping to get Dad fair prices for the machines.

I don't know anything about the industry, so would very much appreciate any wisdom please, as to the names of some items or how much they are worth etc.

I will include the information I have found out so far. (I'm aware there's no number 3.  I've kept it how I have written the info down initially, to avoid confusion.)



1- British United shoe machine. Pearson Number 6. Manual. 1920's.



2- United Carr eyelet machine/industrial press. 1950's-1960's.



4- Gritzner Shoe sewing machine/sole stitcher.Late 1800's-1905. Manual.



5- J.W Chase leather splitter.



6- Leather hole puncher. Belts etc. 1930's. Can be motorised.



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