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Folded Chrome Tan

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I am making a purse with a flap; it is a single piece : front, bottom, back, top, flap.

I have planned to use 1.5 (,maybe 2.0) mm glued flesh to flesh 3-4 mm). The pieces are pretty firm but on each of the 5 sections I will imbed stiffener/tandy. On the panels but not in the folds.

It came to me that it gets folded into it's box shape I might have a problem that comes up in bifold wallets that are f2f them folded.

I did some tests on scrap and it seems ok : the inside piece compresses some and the outside stretches some. The wrinkles are minimal. The two pieces will be hand stitched at their edges and the two pieces will be glued f2f.

What are your thoughts on durability, do ability?...; Similar to bifold wallet.

Tom/Dominican Republic


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Here is what I found/did:

I used flesh2flesh for the panels and added small patches of tandy board on each panel 1" from edges and .5" from folds. I works great! The outside stretches the inside compresses. That's ok because the folds are permanent unlike the in a bifold wallet.

If I make this again I will use, probably, goat on the inside and use more tandy board near folds and maybe a startched reinforcement over all.

The bag has way is named "structure".

I used gray waxed thread thick. Got an interesting result,: before hammering it was nearly invisible after hammering the gray became lighter but not boldly.

I didn't use contrasting because I was afraid of exposing my errors - I could have since my stitching seems to have improved.


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