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newbie needs help with reverse stitch length on seiko stw-8b (consew 226r equivalent)

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I acquired a seiko stw-8b a while back and I got some time to try to get it working.  Uwe's videos have been a fantastic help, as has this forum in general.  I am having a great deal of trouble with the reverse mechanism of my machine.  When I put it in reverse, sometimes it wants to pop right out of reverse, and when it does go in reverse the stitch length is much shorter than the distance in forward.  There have been some other threads where other members had an issue with the reverse, but they just mentioned that they solved it and did not describe how.  Or if they did, I did not understand how.  I don't think I even know enough of what the machine should be doing when it switches from forward to reverse to know exactly what needs to be documented.

Thank you.


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When I put it in reverse, sometimes it wants to pop right out of reverse

Welcome aboard! 
Had many of the same questions with my machine. Lots of good info here, just have to keep searching and reading! 
I have the Consew 226 that is the same as the SEIKO you have. The reverse lever is spring loaded , you  have to hold the reverse lever down while reverse stitching. 
Here is a link to adjust the reverse stitch to match the forward.



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