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Straps Through A Bibo Tc75 Inking Machine?

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Does anyone know where I can get parts for a BIBO TC75 Edge Inking Machine?

I have a machine that I use with smaller guides, on thinner leather straps.

I am setting up to run thicker straps (12-14OZ) through it and the guides are a bit too tight.

BIBO's website lists this machine as handling 2-7.5mm Straps, but the way my machine is set up, it wont handle anything over 10oz..(gets wedged).

Anyone have any ideas? BIBO has not responded to my inquiries yet (not sure if they will, I wrote in English).

BIBO directed me years ago to them as the distributor for BIBO in USA...But I ordered parts last week from Randall and the salesman was unfamillar with the model and didnt have anything at all for the TC75.

Any guidance or help would be appreciated!



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