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Barontool Harley Davidson Stamps

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Hello Everyone....

Awhile back i posted that i had some Barontool Co. Harley Davidson stamps that i was going to sell on ebay!! The reason i am posting this now is someone sent me a PM asking if i still had them and i sent them 3 replies but have yet to receive any reply back?? Anyway i have 2 extra Baron H-D stamps that i will be listing soon..

I have list below 2 of the replies i sent so you will see what i sent them so be sure to scroll all the way down... Before anyone send me messages stating i am asking too much i will say that anything is only worth what someone is willing to pay no matter how much you think it is worth or want.. That being said i have seen these stamps sell as low as $35-45 and as high as $245.00 it just depends if the buyers willing to pay are looking when you are selling?? Actually if / when i list these i may set the buy it now higher?? If anyone wants them make me an offer I also have a Craftool Co. pre letter 886 Masonic Logo i will be selling also...

Thanks for reading my post

Take Care..... Bill

Thanks for looking

Bill Miles

First reply

-----Original Message-----

From: casull45450 <casull45450@netscape.net>

To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sent: Sat, Jun 23, 2012 3:05 am

Subject: Re: Harley Stamps

Hello xxxxx,

I actually have 2 of the 3 that i was planing on listing on ebay in the near future...

The one is the #1 Logo tool number 857 and the other one is the Wings i have attached a photo of this stamp so you can see which one it is as there are 2 different Winged HD stamps..

If i list these i would be listing them each with a starting bid of $55.00 and a buy it now of $85.00

In better times i have started these at $85.00 with the buy it now at $125.00 and i have see a fellow iilg member pay $245.00 for one on ebay..

If i haven't scared you off make an offer...

Thanks for asking!!

Bill Miles

Second reply Check out the two auction i have listed the numbers for below plus look at the two photos i have attached... I hope they open for you.. Take Care... Bill Miles

261023321783 190669590555

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