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Consew 226 R1 Top Thread Wrapping Around Bobbin Case

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I bought what appears to be a real nice Consew 226 r1 and have a couple adjustment issues. The machine was always used with 69 thread, and I tried 207 on the top with a 135 x 16 dp needle for leather, size 24. I had an awful time trying to loosen the tension on the bobbin for the 138 thread I was using on the bobbin. Finally took the bobbin case out to adjust the tension spring, still not getting a good bottom stitch, so I tried going to 138 on top, 92 on the bobbin, got a consistent stitch but the top thread keeps wrapping around the bobbin case and jamming. Besides that problem, is there a trick to getting the bobbin thread under the tension spring? I've never had a drop in bobbin, they've always been vertical. I like the machine, if I can work out the wrinkles.

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A couple thing come to mind in regards to your issues. First off, to get your bobbin into your tension, drop your bobbin in so that when you pull on the thread it turns the bobbin counter clockwise. Guide the thread down through the slot and let it sit there. Thread your needle and hold onto it as you rotate the handwheel in the operating direction. Your hook will pick up your needle thread, wrap it around the hook and pick up the bobbin thread. At this point, tuck the bobbin thread down as you pull the needle thread up. After you have the the bobbin thread pulled up, place your finger on the bobbin and give it resistance as you pull on the bobbin thread. This should guide the thread into the tension. It's common on vertical hook machines to have to hold both threads as you begin to sew.

As for the the needle thread wrapping around the hook, thread your needle and place some material under the foot, leaving access to the cover plate to the hook. Make some stitches and watch the movement of the needle thread. As the needle decends, the hook will rotate towards it, the point of the hook will go into the loop as the needle just begins to rise. The hook will carry the thread around the hook, wrap around the bobbin case and head for the small tab that sits in the notch of the throat plate. The latch opener pulls that little tab open far enough to allow the needle thread to complete it's travel and set the stitch. If it gets caught, you'll get large loops on the bottom. If that happens, your hook will make a big mess. Adjust the latch opener to make this opening action wider. Too wide and it will cause the tab on the bobbin basket to hit the opposite side of the plate. It's common to have to adjust this setting when moving up in thread size.

The other thing that will cause your needle thread to wrap is your hook timing is picking up your needle thread too early and coming around and catching the same loop twice. You should be able to observe which condition you have, perhaps both. Have fun!

Regards, Eric

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