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Stitching Horses And Marble/granite Slabs

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Two stitching horses and two tooling stones available.

One horse is a full size professional stitching horse. The jaws lean toward the user and swivel left and right. I can see it's been used, but it is nearly new.

The other horse is smaller, home-made, and will get you by for infrequent jobs - more if you give it a tuneup. It is made out of plywood and painted white. The attached photo shows the size as compared to the full sized horse. It is quite functional, but as I say...it could use a tuneup.

Marble stone is just shy of 22" square and 2" thick. Top edges are beveled. To surface has visible scratches, although you can barely feel them. If it's a concern, a professional could probably sand them out fairly quickly.

Granite stone is part of a headstone. 12" x 12" x 4".


Stitching horse (full): $275

Stitching horse (small): $50 OBO

Marble stone: $100

Granite stone: $60

I'm sorry, but I won't be shipping these. I'm in Colorado Springs and go to the Denver area frequently. I can deliver to the Federation show in Sep. If interested, please go to www.moonlightartstudio.com and send me an email.

Additionally, I have a heavy-duty desk/bench, bench with casters, filing cabinets and fluorescent lights. If you're interested, we can talk about those too.






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