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I am writing this post on the off chance that someone, somewhere would like to help someone reach their dreams. While I carry no expectations of help, it couldn't happen at all if I didn't put this out to the universe.

I am a motivated designer and maker of leather goods. I have been pushing my designs to as high a level as I feel I can teach myself. I am at a point in my skills that I seek some formal education regarding design and construction. Please view my website to see my work. www.portlandcustomleather.com There is a gallery and also some new bags I have made under "new totes" link.

I am asking for help with tuition to this school. While tuition is quite steep the program offers many things that would not be possible any other way. I will be paying most of this out of pocket but am seeking help to complete the tuition costs. I am a person that works hard to improve the lives of people around me always will be. I promise with your help I too would pay it forward in the future.

With the skills and things I learn at this school I plan to help teach others on this forum through videos and tutorials in time. I truly want to contribute what I learn to the rest of the people here that make this site so great.

If you would like to read about the school and the program I hope to attend here is a link: http://www.accademiariaci.info/academics/leather-working/

And here is a link to my GoFundMe page: http://www.gofundme.com/63nfvk It is a page that allows for secure donations to my future! If you have any means to help donation levels are open to any amounts. Thank you so much for viewing this post and if you don't mind spread the word!

Anthony Loughan

Lou's Leather


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