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You Didn't Know You Needed This....

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until now.


I have for sale:

1 package of x-ray film. This stuff is great for making smaller patterns. It cuts cleanly and doesn't loose the edge like a paper or cardboard pattern. $15 shipped.

A large roll of printer's mats. This is a heavy, rubberized canvas cloth. It is flexible and very strong. Makes amazing patterns for saddles, holsters, whatever. I'm sure it has lots of uses I haven't thought of. If you are interested, I'll unroll them and find out the quantity any measurements. I will ship you the roll for $50

A large bundle of very thin foam. This stuff is used in prosthetics. I've used it to pad straps, tablet covers, book covers, etc. $40 shipped.

A box of horsehair stuffing. They do something with it to make it crimpy and springy (and clean!). It is used to re-stuff antique sofas and chairs. I used it to stuff poleys or bucking rolls. $30 shipped.

Private message me if you want any of this weird, wonderful and hard to find stuff!

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