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Hardware For Sale- Everything Under The Sun

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Hello All.

The hardware list is ready. Please private message me with your email address to get the spread sheet.

I will list Conchos separately for those who don't want to plow through 4 million buckles. Let me know if you want both lists.

I'd like to ask you to work with me in this daunting process. Here are a few guidelines:

  • These prices are 2013 wholesale, so most are already discounted in today's market. If your order is over $50, I will ship for free. Less than that and I have to ask you to pony up.
  • Please be considerate and don't ask me to invoice and ship onesies or twosies, unless that is all there is available.
  • Sometimes, you get more than the quantity listed. If I found one or two floating around or there weren't enough to make a lot, they got added in to the bag and not the inventory.

I have jiffy rivets, copper rivets, snaps and eyelets that have not been inventoried yet. Ask if there is something specific you would like.

Nikkel Wade tree, 15.5, full QH tree for sale - $500 + shipping

Steele Flex Tree 16", pleasure tree- $100 + shipping

Trooper Tree - Timberline boards, Weaver SS frames - $100 +shipping

Premium saddle shearlings - $60 each + shipping (I'll discount them if you take more than 5 and more if you take them all. Ask and I'll get a quantity)

Saddle strings, billets, latigos & mohair cinches- Ask and I'll get you quantities and pricing.

Thank you so much for looking! Have a wonderful day.


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