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Stirrup Attachment

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I am trying to imagine my CB4500s stirrup plate on a Pfaff 1245 flatbed walking foot machine. My stirrup plate is about 1/2 inch, or ~12.5mm higher than the standard plate. The specs say that the maximum thickness it can clear, under fully raised feet, is 14mm. That is not the thickness it can sew, but the thickness that can be inserted and withdrawn. Subtract about 2mm to allow the feet to alternate, to move the material, and you get a maximum thickness of 12 mm. A half inch is about 12.5mm. That means that even if you could have a stirrup plate fabricated by a machine shop, there would only be 1.5mm room left for inserting the material, and almost NONE for the feet to alternate.

Stirrup plates are meant for high lift, super heavy duty cylinder arm machines, using type 794 needles that are 2.75" long, clearing up to 1.1" and sewing up to 7/8". Even with these impressive specs, there is no more than 3/8" of material that can be sewn and advanced by the feet, when using a stirrup or holster plate. In practical use, I find that it is more like 5/16" maximum that can move along over these raised plates.

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