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Where To Buy Wide Edge Creaser

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Hi all!

Looking for this specific tool http://kawazairyo.com/?pid=65848611 or something that will let me flatten the edges like this one does, but preferably in the states. This site doesn't ship outside Japan from what i can tell, but I need a tool like the one pictured.

I know a few of them are just edge creasers and a few flatten the edge fully, i'm looking for something like the second one, pictured below.

Specifically this variation http://img02.shop-pro.jp/PA01006/392/product/65848611_o3.gif?20131027192435

Any help is appreciated!

Thanks all!

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Hey KGV!

Since nobody has jumped in with a source, I might suggest that you could make one from a standard push edge creaser. With a hand grinder and some really fine wet/dry sand paper, you could knock down the inside cutter edge from the curve of the guide edge in, and polish a flat surface. It isn't the tool you want, but I'd guess it might serve the purpose.


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That would be easy enough to make up from a creaser. I repurpose creasers into push beaders, bevelers, thread countersinks, etc. This fall right in there. I have several sizes of creasers and the tools to do it with.

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