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Round And Head Knives- A Mystery Knife And Three W.roses! - Prices Reduced!

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I've got a few knives for sale. All have been sharpened up (slack belt sharpening on a grinder) on a series of belts up to 3000 grit , and stropped with green compound (some of which got on the brass ferrules that I forgot to clean up before taking the pics.) There's three William Roses up for sale, so I'll label them 1, 2, and 3.


First up is a W.Rose that's 4 7/8ths inches from tip to tip. This has been one of my two go-to knives recently, and frankly I thought someone would have to pry this thing from my cold dead hands. I've using it for cutting patterns for both holsters and doing rolling cuts to cut out belts (it was my favorite for doing that.) But, I recently got in another Rose that surprisingly fits my hand even better. Can't keep them all so I'm offering this one up. It's got a slight crack in the handle, but the blade and ferrule are nice and tight. $100 plus shipping. 12/16 - Price reduced to $90 plus shipping.





This is the big one, at just over 5 3/4 inches tip to tip. Normally with a Rose this big I'd probably ask about $120, but it's got a couple issues. The blade is crooked in the handle at what I'd guess is about a 3 degree angle (see photos.) As well it also has a crack in the handle. Now the good news. The blade and ferrule are nice and tight in the handle. The blade being at an angle doesn't effect it's ability to follow a straight line when roll cutting. Another good (or just interesting) news. When skiving, you can skive at a steep angle, then turn the blade over, and skive at a shallow angle. Actually you can skive shallow or steep with the blade turned either way, but it's just slightly easier by choosing face up or face down. $100 plus shipping. Price reduced to $90 plus shipping.




This guy here is the cleanest and has the clearest markings of the Roses. It's just shy of 4 3/8ths inches wide. If you're doing a lot of really sharp inside curves in your cutting, this isn't your knife. Works fine for moderately tight inside curves and larger, and of course roll cutting, and skiving. $95 plus shipping. 12/16 - Price reduced to $85 plus shipping.



Here's a rare little mystery knife. It was made by J.M. Ziriax. You can't see the markings on the word "Ziriax" very well, but fortunately Bruce Johnson once had someone email him a picture of another knife by this maker. The "J.M." on the one he saw wasn't clear, so between the two of us, we were able to piece it together. It's a little guy at 3 1/2 inches wide. If you want a knife for doing the sharpest curves, this thing is nice! It's not very heavy, and I originally wondered if it's lack of weight would prevent it from being a great skiver, but it skives very well actually. Blade and ferrule are nice and tight. $60 plus shipping.



And here's a couple group photos for fun (and size reference.)



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