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Where Can I Find Leather Alternatives (Faux) Wholesale?

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I am looking for sustainable source of leather alternative fabric, ideally possessing the same or similar qualities to leather; soft, breathable, easy to work with, for a baby shoe business. Really struggling to find manufacturers/wholesalers so any leads would be greatly appreciated.


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Most imitation leather is either made from petroleum plastics or is made from natural materials but require a great deal of fuel/energy for manufacturing processes. This is not sustainable.

A lot of synthetics off-gas for years after manufacture. Most are not breathable. Some are allergenic.

Vegetable tanned leather uses wood to tan animal skin. Both are renewable and sustainable. We have been growing cows for hide and forests for tanning bark for longer than humans have had history.

The answer to your question about faux leather is to try auto and marine upholstery shops or places like outdoor fabrics canada that supply the technical outdoor wear industry. There are a few in the north west US washington/oregon area..

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