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Hello Everyone,

Here i listed my favorite tools that i've been using for most of my project and have served me well and never disappoint me,

A Vergez Blanchard 7 spi, 8 teeth, i'm polishing it twice a month and only shows a little usage, original packaging is still available and intact.

I wish to sell it because i'm in some sort of economical problem and wish to settle things down first,

attached is some images and some samples...

Griffe a Frapper a Dents No. 7, 8 Dents
Number 7 (Seven Teeth per Inch), Ten Teeth
1 1/2" width from first to last tooth
5 1/2" length

point n° 07 = 3,85 mm increment

I'm asking for $120 excluding shipping..

Item will be sent from Indonesia with international registered airmail from my post office...

Shipping would normally takes 2-4 weeks depending on locations and weather...

Thank you very much! Items will be shipped 1 business day after payment received.

I prefer paypal or western union...

But willing to accept other method as well..

If you have any question regarding this item, please feel free to contact me,

Sorry for my bad english,

Thank you very much!




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Here are some samples made using the pricking iron...



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Hello, sorry for my mistakes, actually what i'm trying to say is that i polish it once every 2 month, i'm not that good at english, so sorry for the mistake. thank you.

Its been maintained by an expert tool maker here in my country, which only get polished (removing rust) and polished it with a wet stone on the front and back,

no sandpaper or any grinding, since any of those would damage the dimension and thickness of the iron itself,

the teeth were not touched since i wish to make it as original as possible,

I've had it for 6 month now, and been maintained for 3 times,

And PRICE UPDATED TO $120 Including shipping,

If you have anything to ask feel free to send me message or reply here.

Thanks guys!

Edited by Faridz Muhammad

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SOLD! Thanks guys.

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