Nikkel Wade Saddle Tree $800

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Wade tree made by Rod and Denise Nikkel in 2010, seat will finish to 14 to 14 1/2 in seat, 5 " Cantle, 9" slick fork swell.  About 4 1/4" handhole width, 8" gullet rise Made for a petite woman to fit old style QH with broad shoulders, high withers with plenty of rock in the bars. Think old Hancock style horses. Guadeljara style horn, 2 3/4" or 3" tall.   Always Stored In the house out of the sun.

My life took on a different direction not long after I got this tree.  I love it and am a little heartsore to give it up, especially since the Nikkel's won't be building any more trees. But, I don't see myself building a saddle in the foreseeable future and am now riding a narrow little mule so no good having a saddle built for me on it.  Would much rather see this tree become the saddle It was meant to be Instead of sitting in my closet.  

$800, Price is firm. Buyer to pay shipping and insurance costs, which should be around $75 or so total. PayPa accepted for paymentl, or cash if you pick up in person - located near Portland, OR. Sorry but will ship only US or Canada (shipping/insurance costs may be higher to Canada).



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Yikes another vet bill to pay... price reduced to $650

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