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URGENT HELP - Which edge paint polishing/buffing/brushing/sanding machine to use??

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Dear fellow leatherworkers, 

I have been following this forum for awhile, thank you all for the tips and information. I am about to have my first small order of 50 pieces of cardholder. I have been using edge paint from fenice or Giardini for my edges of leathergoods. Here I always sand the leather edge down first to even out, then apply a thin layer of edge paint. Next I follow up with the electric creaser acquired from Mando, flattening the paint applied and then i sand it down again and repeat this process. I need the final coat to be smooth and well finished like any luxury leathergoods makes out in the market. 

I have look around in search of buying a brushing/polishing machine. Omac, Sieck and Randall Campbell stock the following machines: 





As these machines come with a hefty price tag, i am thinking of building my own to save cost, however with not much confidence as i am no electrician. I understand so far the motor has to be of the right rpm, horsepower, along with the required finishing wheel (felt, felt with 4 leather, etc). I am thinking either 900rpm or 1400rpm, 1 HP motor.  My questions are:

1) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/110600633578?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT

Will this sort of motor work? how can i change the shaft/arbor to the right length and dimensions to fit AP size polishing wheels?? Should i use AP or LF wheels? What is the difference?


2) What about variable speed motor? It seems really hard to source one with an inverter and the price tag is pretty high.  Can i use a servo motor for sewing machine and convert it to be an edge finishing machine? Am based in the UK and these sewing machine servo motor seem to be a better price.  The only issue is how i can keep the servo motor spinning as we all know it has to be activated by a foot pedal. 


3) Which sort of wheel do i use for the final finish of the edge paint? cloth and 4 sheet of leather wheel, dense cloth wheel, felt wheel?


4) Vertical or horizontal mounting? I am thinking vertical and i can build a similar box in wood as those commercial ones mentioned in the links, but my question is the weight load of the motor.. what sort of mounting i should use etc.


Any experts, please help!! :((  





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