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How well does acrylic leather paint wear?

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Hello folks!

I've occasionally used acrylic leather paints, usually for small accenting. I would like to do a bit more, however I am concerned that no matter how well it's been applied and sealed that it will not simply last long on an item that will see a lot of wear like belts, wallets and purses. I've seen some mind blowing leather work out there with whole purse flaps hand painted and always wondered how they fare down the road.

I would hate spend extra time (that could be used painting dye on by hand) and charge more for a hand painted piece that will start to wear off in a year, and I'm sure a customer would not be happy with a 400 dollar purse flaking within a year.


Does anyone out their that professionally specializes in using acrylic leather paints have any advice or links?

Thanks for your time!


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I use Cova Paints on leather and I have belts and instrument straps and I've never had the paint fade off or come off, I just had a belt back in the shop from a lady who likes her name painted on the belts, I painted it over 5 years ago and she wears it every day, no paint erosion.  I dye the whole belt first, then paint the letters or whatever I'm painting, then seal with two coats of 50/50 Resolene.  I don't get too much call for it but when I do, I'm confident that it will last, I do it more on instrument straps and they last really well (not as much wear on the surface side as belts). 





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