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  1. Hello I'm wondering if anyone has successfully used Acrylic Resolene on top of Tan Kote. The reason I'm asking is that, after I apply a 50/50(resolene water) coat on top of my tooled and dyed test project (dyed using fiebings spirit dyes), and then apply fiebings antique paste, allow to dry thoroughly, buff, and add a sealing layer of 50/50 resolene, it lifts quite a bit of the antique. I've done some research and have found that to be common, and many suggest using neatlac and tan kote combinations etc. But I'm a creature of habit and acrylic resolene has treated me well over the years with spirit dyes, I know how it ages, it's limits etc, and I'm hesitant to change my top finish, thus I'm wondering if anyone has used tan kote to seal the antique(recommended in many topics regarding antiquing here) in combination with resolene. Of course I will be experimenting, but it can be hard to know if something works well down the road, like the finish lifting or cracking, it may look good now and for a few months but I worry about such a combination failing Cheers! -Cheyenne
  2. That's hilarious! I found this listing last night and was just about to post it here for others who might be looking. I convinced him to change his shipping setup to ship to Canada, possibly international as well for those outside North America Thanks! Cheers
  3. I am sorry to kick a dead post, but did you have any luck? I am also looking for 4 inch roller buckles and have scoured the internet with nothing to show but excessive minimum orders. -Cheers
  4. Hello folks! I've occasionally used acrylic leather paints, usually for small accenting. I would like to do a bit more, however I am concerned that no matter how well it's been applied and sealed that it will not simply last long on an item that will see a lot of wear like belts, wallets and purses. I've seen some mind blowing leather work out there with whole purse flaps hand painted and always wondered how they fare down the road. I would hate spend extra time (that could be used painting dye on by hand) and charge more for a hand painted piece that will start to wear off in a year, and I'm sure a customer would not be happy with a 400 dollar purse flaking within a year. Does anyone out their that professionally specializes in using acrylic leather paints have any advice or links? Thanks for your time! Cheers
  5. I've used acrylic leather paints on occasion but I'm always concerned that they will wear off too soon, even when done perfectly and sealed properly. I've seen some stunning work with leather paint, but I always wonder how long it lasts. I'd like to do more but spirit dyes give me comfort in knowing they won't flake off in a year
  6. Maybe I had a crap batch,I'll try em again, but they've always crumbled under spirit dyes for me, and crumble after a few applications of resolene. I think I'll try the method of using clean scrap rags wrapped around a sponge
  7. Thanks, although with an order like that it's all or nothing lol! I don't like tandys current ones, they changed from the ones they had 4-5 years ago and fall apart.
  8. Thanks, although with an order like that it's all or nothing lol! I don't like tandys current ones, they changed from the ones they had 4-5 years ago and fall apart.
  9. I always had bad luck with wool daubers or wool scraps as the fuzzies get all over the damn place.
  10. Many years ago I had a good supply of nice sponges from tandy's, they lasted forever with spirit dyes without crumbling, they applied finish beautifully, but like many good things, whomever made them changed it, and now I can't seem to find a good sponge in this world. I'm not too worried about using crappy sponges to apply dyes, but for applying my finish I would appreciate any advice on finish application techniques or sponge recommendation. My finish application has suffered since I ran out of those coveted sponges. Cheers!
  11. Kind of figured that link was a knock off, seeing as it was a limited run. It's certainly not my style of knife, nor a good size for me, but it is smooth. I just picked up a short henley and will auction the stohlman likely to pay for the henley
  12. I was wondering as I purchased one recently, although wonderfully smooth, it's too large for me I was thinking of auctioning it on ebay to put towards a nice shorter barrelled knife. It's hard to say what they're worth, but from what I've seen on ebay it's between 150 and 250. Not much info out there. Thanks!
  13. Hello folks! I am looking for information on this Al Stohlman Swivel Knife, i've searched and have only found a few pictures and ebay sales but that's about it. Any info would be much appreciated! -Cheers!
  14. I can't seem to find much info on this particular swivel knife, do you know much about this one?
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