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Is there anyone alive who knows how to thread a USMC Outsole Stitcher?

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I have an ancient USMC (United Shoe Machinery Corporation) outsole stitching machine; model ORL - sometimes called, "Model O".  It is in the class of the Landis Curved Needle Machines.  My machine is a lock stitch machine.  I've got the parts and adjustment manuals, but not an instruction manual.  The machine is in good working condition and it came with lots of spare parts - but I don't know how to thread it!  I want to use it in my shoe making hobby.

I was given the machine by the son of a USMC service technician.  This machine - once used at the Justin Boot Factory in Texas - hasn't been used in over thirty years.  The man's late father used to service this machine and USMC gave it to him when he retired.   I'm hoping somebody out there knows someone who has one of these machines, used to operate one, has an instruction manual or knows someone who does.  

USMC was sued by the federal government because they had a virtual monopoly on shoe making equipment back in the twenties and thirties.  Due to their monopoly status, you'd think these old machines would be somewhat plentiful, but so far I haven't found anyone who has one.

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Call Steve at Gateway Shoe in Illinois, Harris at Pilgrim Shoe IN Massachusetts  or Blaze at Shoe Systems Plus in New York..  I guarantee  one of them will know how to thread it.


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