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Making your own templates

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For the people that design and make your own templates, do you add 1 thickness of leather for each 90 degree bend of the leather or each 180 degree bend? I have been leaving more then I need to and trimming later, but would like to cut down on my waste. I prefer to design it right from the beginning. TIA


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You should get Al Stohlman's 3-book series "The Art Of Making Leather Cases." Packed with information that will help you make box-style cases like you are undertaking as well as many, many other types cases.

Volume One is the one that details how to make a box-style case to specific dimensions, to fit specific items perfectly. But the other two Volumes contain useful tips throughout so I'd advise that you get all three. The aren't expensive. And, while you're at it, get a copy of Stohlman's "The Art Of Hand Sewing Leather," similarly packed with excellent information.


The answer to your question is the rule of thumb is that you need to add two thickness along each bend.

Good Luck,


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