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This question is so that I can try and make a project for my sister. She's awesome, but alas, she is vegan, so I inquire about alternative materials for embossing, stamping, and tooling (except carving)

[Think of a vegan as 'vegetarian+', who will not use any animal products-e.g. Leather.]

Will standard upholstery (PU) fabric work? Can I succeed using tools that are slightly warmed (say in a pot of warming water on the stove...) to create imprints?

Is there an optimum temperature?140°? 170°? I have an IR thermometer I can use...

I have no idea if this is feasible, or if getting PU fabric damp or wet from the back, and/or using hotter tools may turn this into a reality.

Essentially I want to embed/emboss-downwards lines and patterns downward, without those areas resurfacing.

Any suggestions about how to deal with bare edge treatment? Melting it could work, but I would want a 'blackened' edge, so should I dye that before melting it?

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