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Hello folks , here again with another one of my newbie situations: I love my thread , as we all do and well I'm a beginner so I don't use much right a tiny 25 yard spool would do me well for a good time, but as I began to actually do more work , make more things , I began to realize "hey , this won't do". And this constant buying of thread has been on and on.I like to buy Tandy's nylon waxed thread: https://www.tandyleather.com/en/product/waxed-nylon-thread-25-yds-22-9-m 

And it's only 4 dollars, right so I'm not complaining or anything but I really feel I could do better for the long run , I know not all of you go and buy tiny 25 yard spools but yeah what's something I could do to not spend 16 dollars on 100 yards ?

Also , today I bought some "Omega nylon #2 thread" thinking I could rub some beeswax on it and pass it off as waxed nylon thread , I tried it , and it didn't feel as good as Tandy's, maybe because the beeswax was homemade ? Also , the thread isn't made up of 3 little stands like Tandy's, it's only 2. Could I somehow make this work ? It's 275 yards.

Thank y'all in advance

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