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Balance point for a maul?

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Hello all,

I'm just getting into leather work and can already tell I need an upgrade from my current maul (20 oz soft poly woodworking maul).

I am going the DIY route and will be making three or four in a variety of weights.  UHMW, HDPE, or Delrin heads (2", tapered), wood handles, and lead insert weights are the plan.

What I don't know is how  / where these should be balanced.  Head heavy, head /haft joint, or...?  I'm guessing the heavier mauls should be weighted towards the top and the lighter tooling mallets should be more balanced, but thought I should ask before putting tool to material :)

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! 


Jay M

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For me, what you are asking is very personal to the specific user. 

This is what I mean: How a particular maul or mallet feels, perhaps great in my hands might be an awkward weight or size for you. & vice versa. My advice would be to try several and find where its balance or heavier weighted end, must be, for your tooling style. Then proceed with your builds

i have 3 rawhide mallets, of different weights,, light, medium and a heavy one. And two mauls. The most recent one I purchesed is 32 ounces. While the other one I turned on a lathe, & is all hard wood, so somewhat lighter. 

I also have five or six hammers, and a half dozen axes/hatchets. Each tool has it's own best uses. 

One of my favorite stores, www.leevalley.com carry the full line from Gränsfors Bruks Axe lineup.


Please go trial a few mauls or mallets and discover those which feel most comfortable to you. 

This will hopefully give you a much better idea, of  how you wish to proceed, building your own designs. . 

Good luck.



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