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Dear Members,

You can see my double colored, washable suede work. I did it from splitted limed leather. I use splitted part (non-grain) and use "reactive dyes" for dyeing operation. There is not a surface operation, all processes wet tanning operations and leather has made in drum. Deliming, Bathing, Pickling, Tanning, Mecanial Operations( Sammying, shaving) Deacidification, Retanning, Dyeing and Fatliquoring. I use 2 different colors and "reactive dyes". So this suede is wasable. There is not a color contaminaion to other material during washing and after washing there is not a color fading.

I did only 1/2 half side of leather for trial. So i will do whole leather.

I know a lot of about leather making but leather goods making is very stranger  for me. What should i do with double colored suede?

Thank you for reading. Have a nice day.





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